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We service every aspect of the sports areas we install – as well as providing maintenance services for facilities installed by other companies. Replacing broken tennis nets, posts and winders are common maintenance tasks that we undertake. We also provide full service for the lighting and fencing around your facilities.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing

Bring your court back to life with a complete surface overhaul. We’ll have it playing like new!

Tennis court resurfacing begins with the removal old turf and netting, followed by thorough examination and repair of the court structure. Once the surface is flat and level, the new turf is applied, line markings painted and net hardware is installed. There is a wide range of turf colours available as well as customisable options like under-turf padding. When you resurface your court, you get to customise it to perfectly suit you.

Before Tennis Court Resurfacing

Before Resurfacing

After Tennis Court Resurfacing

After Resurfacing

After Tennis Court Resurfacing

Before Resurfacing

After Tennis Court Resurfacing

After Resurfacing

Damaged Tennis Court Net in Melbourne

Wicket Turf & Net Maintenance

Tears can be repaired and worn sections can be replaced to maintain a consistent playing surface. All hardware – nets, posts and winders – can be serviced and replaced if necessary to ensure every aspect of your tennis court is performing flawlessly.

Turf Cleaning & Stain Removal

Our professional cleaning service ensures your courts are clean and ready for use year-round. You have the option of a one-off deep clean of your synthetic grass or a cleaning schedule to minimise any buildup of dirt and debris. Court/turf cleaning is available for all ASTE-installed surfaces as well as tennis courts installed by other companies.

Tennis Court Cleaning in Melbourne

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